It's a church for people who don’t normally attend church and for people who have been going to church their whole lives. It’s a church where everyone, regardless of their spiritual background, ethnicity, income, or age can find acceptance, meaning, and purpose. It’s a church for big kids and little kids, soccer moms, artists, surfers, medical students, accountants, dreamers, and guys who like to go fishing.

At Coastal, we go out of our way to communicate the deep truths of the Bible in ways that make sense and apply to your life. Our services are passionate, fun, and relevant. Each week, you’ll experience an exciting blend of modern music, creative videos, authentic stories, and life changing insights from scripture. Dress is casual, so don’t worry about being too formal. You’re more likely to find people wearing flip flops than a suit and tie. Just be yourself.
For the remainder of 2020, we will not gather in person on the weekend.
While our lives may look different, our mission remains the same: Helping people know and follow Jesus.

Our fall 2020 strategy will cause us to step outside our comfort zones to take the Good News of Jesus Christ into our unique spheres of influence. God is on a mission of global redemption and, as His ambassadors, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. We aren’t just called to “GO to church.” We are called to “BE the Church.”

Just because our physical doors have been closed does not mean the church has been closed. We will help people know and follow Jesus through Watch Parties, Discipleship Groups, and Next Step University.