Street Construction - Parking Info

Please be aware that our 23rd Street entrance is closed by street construction. See the map below for suggested parking areas and traffic routes. Some important things to note:
  • Enter the parking lot via the Ave M alley.
  • Drop off most guests at the Ave M glass doors. Drop off limited mobility guests at the parking lot glass doors.
  • Golf carts will service the Pregnancy Help Center parking lot at 23rd Street and Avenue O for off-site parking.
  • Please do NOT park in residential areas, unless indicated in green on the map below, out of consideration for our neighbors.
We will have volunteers stationed in the alley to help traffic flow safely in and out of the parking lot, but they are not a substitute for caution while driving. Please watch out for traffic and pedestrians, and drive at a reduced speed as you enter and exit the parking lot.
We understand that these street conditions are not ideal and we appreciate your patience as we all wait for the street construction to be completed. If you'd like to volunteer for the Traffic Safety Team, email

See you Sunday!