CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Thursday, March 19, 2020

From Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders

I probably don’t say it enough, but I want you to know that I really, really love our church family. Stress acts like pressure on a sponge. We get squeezed and what’s in us comes out of us. From what I can tell, you’re being tested and what is coming out of you looks a whole lot like Jesus. Our nation and community is walking through uncharted territory, but you have navigated the ever-changing landscape with courage, compassion, and faith. I pray that we continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the days ahead as we adjust to a new normal.  

Speaking of new normal, I want you to be aware of the adjustments Coastal is making while social distancing measures are in place.

Until further notice our church will only meet for worship ONLINE. 
We may not be able to meet in the same room, but technology has made it possible for us to gather together digitally. We will stream live worship and teaching every Sunday morning at 10:30 am. The video can be accessed through Coastal’s Facebook page, Instagram, website, app, or YouTube Channel. I want to encourage you to make participation in these weekly services a high priority. It’s also a chance for you to “invite” a friend to experience our services who would not normally attend a church.

Coastal Kids and Coastal Youth will offer Bible studies designed to be used as a FAMILY. 
Parents are encouraged to watch the age-specific videos and discuss the topics with their kids. These lessons also include devotionals and activities that can be utilized throughout the week. All content for Coastal Kids and Coastal Youth will be available through social media, the website, the app, and Coastal’s YouTube page.

Our College and Adult Community Groups will only meet through ZOOM. 
If you’re not familiar with ZOOM now, you will be by the time this whole coronavirus thing is over. It’s a popular video conferencing software that allows you to connect with a group of people simultaneously. The basic version is free to download and allows you to connect from your computer or smart phone.
  • If you’re already in a group, your leader will be contacting you with instructions explaining how to participate.
  • If you’re not in a group, we are launching a brand new group that will meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm. The group will be led by Amy Land, the Director of Coastal’s Community Groups and is open to anyone. No previous group experience necessary. Contact for more information.

Coastal College will stream LIVE every Wednesday Night beginning at 8:00PM. 
In addition to our Coastal College Community Groups, Chris Cummings will continue his series through the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. These messages are prepared with college students in mind, but are accessible to anyone and will be streamed via all our online channels.
Join us at 7AM every Friday Morning for PRAYER on Facebook Live.  Associate Pastor Jay Blackburn will guide our church through an interactive time of prayer.  Visit Coastal’s Facebook Page and join in.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can submit your prayer requests to 

Our Greatest Commandment