Beyond Initiative Update

The Beyond Initiative is a church-wide emphasis designed to help our church advance the Kingdom of God in a very strategic way. We are incredibly thankful for the ways God has blessed us over the past eight years, but we believe our best days are in front of us. Our vision is to start an epidemic of healthy churches that spreads throughout the island, Galveston County, and Beyond. As part of that vision, we’ve set goals to see 80% of our congregation involved in community groups, 80% involved in volunteer ministry, and made a commitment to raise money to renovate our new building.

That’s a powerful vision, but you may be wondering – are we making any progress? Thankfully, the answer is yes. We’ve seen progress in all three of our major goals. Participation in our community groups and volunteer ministries has been very strong. We’ve also been able to raise just under $1.4M with $2.4M in total commitments.

But more than that, we’re starting to see Coastal’s influence spread as we help other churches become healthy. In the past few months:
  • We helped negotiate the merger of Central Baptist Church on 53rd Street and Antioch Community Church.
  • We have continued to support church planting; sponsoring Riverpoint Church in Fort Worth and The Well in San Marcos.
  • And I’m excited to announce that this fall, we will be hosting our first ever Church Planting resident. Kyle Jackson and a team from Heritage Park Baptist church in Webster will be planting a brand new church in the Lago Mar subdivision in Texas City. We’ll have the opportunity to mentor Kyle through a 4 month internship as he prepares to take that big next step.

We’ve also made progress on the building, although the process has been slower and more challenging than anticipated.
  • In January, our General Contractor’s company went out of business. Unfortunately, this put us behind schedule and cost us money, but on a positive note, it allowed us to regroup with a better design and move forward with a company that has more church building experience.
  • In February of this year, we started working with an architect recommended by the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention and his team is doing an excellent job.
  • We will be interviewing new general contractors in about 6 weeks and hope to begin construction in 6-8 months.

Now, I know the past few months have been crazy and some of you may be worried about your ability to meet your financial commitment to the Beyond Initiative. We understand, so the Advisory Team has extended the period in which people can give to the campaign by an additional year. Instead of completing your commitment by December of 2021, we’re asking you to complete the commitment by December of 2022.

We are very grateful for your generosity and patience throughout this project. We know it’s not been easy, and like you, we wish the building was further along than it is. But even still, we know that God is sovereign and trust that His timing is perfect.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Toby Smith or myself directly at If you are new to Coastal or this is your first time hearing about the Beyond Initiative, we hope you are excited about what you have heard and want to get involved. Contact us at for more information.

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